The universe will reciprocate.

      Looking back it doesn’t seem like long.

      But before I knew it I was in the middle.

      Of life, or something like it.

      Headed in one direction or another, with a sort of predictability as far as the eye could see.

      Steady eddies running a race we didn’t remember starting.

      But young and full of blood – we decided to take a detour and ended up on another street.

      Reaching for the stars, traveling the world and simply choosing to experience and offer more opened doors.

      There’s the bare minimum, and then there’s what you put in when you’re filled up – when you spend your time chasing the thing that lights your flames.


      Participate, celebrate, and share the thing you are here to cultivate.

      To slow the clock, connect with your hearts open.

      The universe will reciprocate.

      Join the community.

      Day 88/90

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