Getting it on the page: big art is coming this way!

      Even though the clock is running out on this 90 day writing challenge I set for myself… the idea of 90 days being up hasn’t interrupted my interest in creating.

      In sitting down once a day with my thoughts to see what comes – to see what is bubbling on the surface, or what I need to dig down and pull up.

      Some days have surprised me. I read the words on the page and am astounded sometimes with what I have to say.

      Finally getting it on the page feels like the right thing, in a way.

      I appreciate everyone who has thanked me for writing what they wanted to say.

      The ability to articulate emotions in these posts feels easier than speaking to me somedays.

      Other days, the process isn’t so easy.

      Like pulling teeth at first, I slowly started to learn what I’m happiest writing – to slip in to my style, shorten the length and finally realized I should write about exactly what is on my mind.

      For the most part, I have kept things in a positive light – yet, without staying silent on matters that ignite me. Not because I don’t feel the rage some days, but because I believe that nothing can be changed for the good with hate.

      So I’ll keep writing, most every day. Even posting – though less consistently, as the sun is shining this June, and my life is best lived outside. 90 days will be up soon!

      I should probably tell you about another project coming, too. I have recently acquired a tent trailer that will be converted into an interactive art installation.

      A traveling pub and diner that will be the mainstay of a larger project I am building – called Sprinkle Town.

      This project is dedicated to a little sprinkle that decided not to stick around.

      Stay tuned!

      Join the community.

      I’ll be online again soon – taking a few days to unwind, connect and write.

      Day 87/90

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