An inclination to listen, and live in the written (for 90 days, today)!

    This is the greatest gift I have given myself.

    Better for me than any journal or listicle I could have written.

    Taking this time to wander with no agenda – just an inclination to listen.

    To write what’s on my mind when I let it all in.

    When I let go of the fear or hesitation and explore my imagination – because, in the end, I have something to say.

    And at least for now, I think I have found my way.

    Writing once a day for 90 days healed me – but not in some profound or climactic way.

    It healed me in little tiny pieces each and every day.

    Thanks for coming by, and for some of you – choosing to stay.

    Follow along for my next project…s and art installations!

    Join the community.

    Day 90/90

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